Three reasons why Pokémon Go was delayed in Japan

Ok, it’s finally here! Pokémon Go has just been launched in Japan! I’m predicting productivity to go down by 0.5% during the next few weeks 😉

Earlier this week TechCrunch reported that Pokémon Go’s launch in Japan was delayed because of an alleged email leak. Maybe this was the case, maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps the original plan was indeed to launch it here today, but here are three possible explanations why the launch was delayed:

  1. Servers simply couldn’t have handled the demand
  2. McDonald’s wasn’t ready for the launch (thanks for the insight, Michael)
  3. Japanese government wasn’t ready with their guidelines on how to enjoy Pokémon Go properly


It remains to be seen how Pokémon Go will transform the cityscape, but I for one certainly hope it will increase interaction between strangers trying to catch those monsters. Let’s see! I’ll keep you posted on how things progress here!

Happy hunting, everybody!

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