Why lesbian sex is a good thing for the Finnish game industry

We humans like to be entertained. Books, music, movies, beverages, games – you name it! But the way we understand entertainment – and make connections between different forms of entertainment – varies across countries. Here’s an exaggerated comparison of entertainment in Japan and Finland (for illustrative purposes only):



Japan hasn’t been too keen on creating silos between different forms of entertainment. Anime transforms into manga (or vice versa) that in turn is made into a video game that, eventually, gets its own canned coffee. Sounds logical, right? Why limit the way we interact with something since our senses do not make the same distinction?




In Funland Finland, things are a bit different. It’s a game, and nothing else. FFS. (although Rovio is an excellent example countering this argument)

But things are slowly changing in Finland! And this is the point where things get interesting – or awfully wrong, depending on your perspective.

According to recent insights from a longitudinal study on sexuality in Finland conducted by the Family Federation of Finland, Finnish women are becoming increasingly interested in other women. This is just amazing! Silos and binary thinking seem to be fading away in Finland, and slowly people are becoming more and more open in their thinking.

The connection, albeit a bit artificial, between sexuality in Finland and the Finnish game industry is an interesting one: the more Finns are becoming open and willing to move away from binary thinking, the more diverse and bold games we are seeing! Although Japan’s entertainment industry might not be a good example for Finland to follow, at least I, for one, hope that Finnish game companies even consider looking at Japan and how the different forms of entertainment blend into one, coherent/chaotic, sensory entertainment.

So, in many ways the sexual liberation taking place in Finland is a good thing, and hopefully this will be understood also in the game industry.



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