Assistant Professor tries to interact with the media…you won’t believe what happened!

Sharing the knowledge we acquire from our scholarly pursuits


is considered as something very important in academia, and we researchers take it seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we are always trying to design new ways to interact with the media. Some people are active on Twitter, others engage in discussions on Facebook. Me? I like to send random stuff to journalists!

And look what I found!

File_000 (1)

Fabric water to make your clothes smell like cat’s forehead! Brilliant. Just brilliant. I personally delivered one of these to Nyt’s (a weekly newspaper/magazine in Finland) reception, and the reaction I got? Nothing. First, it made me sad.


After a while, I became angry! Why don’t they acknowledge my random act of kindness? WHY?File_001

I was a furious scholar, and I thought the whole world was against me. It’s almost as if people just didn’t get the importance of my scholarly pursuits in making this world a better place for all of us.

But then it hit me! It’s all about giving, not taking. Realising this made me happy!


The point here is that we academics should embrace giving in our work. Whether it’s about teaching, learning from our students, or disseminating our research findings, all of these activities should be carried out with giving in mind.

Endnote 1: My sense of humour can be a bit off at times, so I hope no one took it seriously when I said I was furious after not getting recognition for my act. 🙂

Endnote 2:  Dear journalists @ Nyt, should you happen to stumble upon this post, I hope you’ve been enjoying the fabric water!

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