It’s been a while…but I have a good reason!

I feel so bad for not posting anything in a loooong time…I’ve been occupied for the last two months or so with my dissertation and two upcoming books I’m editing together with my two colleagues, and now things are finally less hectic. To treat you with something nice after a long radio silence, here’s a book that you might find interesting.

You know how academic texts are usually…well…how should I put it. Enigmatic? Not as engaging as they could be? Well, there are prime examples of beautifully written journal articles and books, but quite often style guides don’t devote that much time and space for offering advice on how to write compelling texts. Here’s an exception though!

Helen Sword (2012), Stylish Academic Writing. Harvard University Press

Highly recommendable for all scholars, and also for people interested in academic writing.

Have a great week, and stay tuned for more posts in the upcoming weeks!


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