PhD student’s diary: day n

Day n: I’ve stopped counting the amount of days I’ve spent on my PhD. I feel certain ambivalence towards it: on a nice day I love it, on a not so nice day…well, let’s say it’s not so bad that I’d rather take a punch in my face, but pretty close to it.

So why did I end up doing a PhD? Fame? Money? Attracted by the contemporary lifestyle? Well, although it’s tough, I wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, this is something I love, despite the fact that academia makes me fucking angry every now and then. Things progress slowly, publishing industry is (partly) fucked up, some of my friends have no idea what researchers do. But then again: I’ve met wonderful people, grown intellectually, expressed myself in ways unimaginable in any other industry, and – most importantly – I’m about to leave a somewhat permanent mark of my thinking and ideas for future generations (wonder what Latour would say about this?). So all in all, academia is something I feel really passionate about.

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a long time, but at least I have a good reason! I agreed with my supervisor to hand in my dissertation for preliminary examination by mid-September, and that has kept me super busy. Plus I also need to work on FLUID, but that’s also super cool.

So my apologies, the next three months or so I won’t be updating this blog very intensively. In fact, I’ll try to keep my posts short to keep you updated on how my dissertation is progressing. Expect a lot of photos, that is 🙂

But for now, thank you for your understanding, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading my dissertation once it is finished!

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  1. I am building my plan to do PhD so will look forward to read your entries here. Cheers!

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