Writing spree in NYC

So my writing test failed miserably – again! But then again, and this is an interesting point, I don’t have any ‘formal’ training to writing, although that’s an essential part of my profession! That’s actually really interesting…on the one hand we’re supposed to produce journal articles, books, and whatnot, but at the same time no one gives us any proper – or even adequate – training on how to write a) effectively and b) in an engaging way.

Anyhow. Since we aren’t provided with any training on writing, I’ve decided to have a change in scenery in order to increase my writing productivity. (e.g. I spent a month or so in Copenhagen, Denmark, last spring and during that time I was able to write heaps and heaps of text)

This time I’ll be working as a Visiting Scholar at Parsons The New School for Design from early March to late May. So yes, as of writing this post I’m sitting in a café in East Village – a bit pretentious, but not too much 😉

I’ll keep you posted on my adventures here as well as how my writing goes. After all, I’m supposed to hand in my dissertation for pre-examination by September!

Have a nice week!

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