Day 2: 1088 (with some easy pickings)

Ok, Day 2 with 1088 words. I feel a bit sick so I decided to take it easy by partly working on the reference list. But it still counts! :p and besides, I also continued on the theoretical framework section, which, believe me, is fun but darn difficult.

It is yet difficult to say much about how this experiment has affected my writing activity, but so far so good. However, most of the text I’ve written so far is pre-writing, meaning that it still needs to go through an intense editing process. And that is a task of its own!

Thought of the day #1: as academia is much about freedom to think and write without anyone explicitly telling you to write X amount of words per day, it is somewhat difficult to force oneself to produce text on a daily basis, but it feels really rewarding once you’re able to do it.

Thought of the day #2: Hammersley (2013) talks about the differences and similarities between qualitative research and journalism. Without getting into that discussion, it is interesting to notice that on a meta level we academics could definitely learn a lot from fiction authors and their writing methods!

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