Day 1: 1090.

Not too bad, I’d say: 1090 words in three hours! Unedited, of course :), but still. I came to the office to write – just write – 8:00am and continued till 11:00am. I’m tempted to continue writing, but I have to stick to the plan I made yesterday.

I didn’t manage to reach Enid Blyton’s pace (6000words), but then again her experience in producing written text is far greater than mine. But I’ll – hopefully – get there one day!

So far I feel energized. Feels good to produce text – actual text – instead of just reading other people’s articles and books. I don’t know that much about writing fiction, but in terms of writing academic text, the challenge lies in recognizing and building on other scholars’ work: giving an academic rant without any connection to existing work might be somewhat easy, but when you have to situate your text in relation to other texts, things become somewhat challenging. Not only has the argument be consistent it also needs to be well grounded and argued for.

Anyhow, I hope the experiment continues at least equally well tomorrow. One thing, however, is sure: I really love this job 🙂

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