The great writing experiment! (to take place this Wednesday)

First of all, thanks for sharing this article, Markus!

How many words are there in a day?

One often hears about how productive authors are and, as the article above suggests, some of them happen to be insanely productive.

Enid Blyton was insanely productive

Here in academia we also produce texts, but I doubt most of us are as productive as, say, Enid Blyton, since more often than not we are sucked into the bureaucratic and administrative abyss or simply because our attention span just isn’t that great.

Or am I wrong?

To test this, I’m going to try to write as much as possible of my PhD during this week with the following rules:

  1. Write three hours in a row
  2. During that time there will be nothing else but writing
  3. Going to the toilet and drinking water and/or coffee is OK

I tried this earlier – and failed miserably – but this time has to be different, because the object of my writing is my PhD, which, eventually, has to be finished. Hopefully sooner than later!

Stay tuned for the first update tomorrow!

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