Places worth visiting in Berlin: Pro qm

I decided to give 2013 a proper kickstart by introducing an excellent bookstore from Berlin called Pro qm. Well, it’s excellent for those of us who are into design, philosophy, art, and sociology. For others, well…maybe it’s not your place, but still worth visiting!


My girlfriend knew this place beforehand so it wasn’t as if we stumbled upon it by an accident, but for me it was a completely new experience. The shelves are packed only with super interesting books (I, for example, was able to find Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology: or what it’s like to be a thing and some of Latour’s books) and it’s pretty easy to find interesting titles you might not have heard of before.

So the physical – and online – space is marvellous and the selection of books they have is astounding, but what about the service? Based on my experiences in Berlin, I’d say its wonderfully Berlinesque: punctual, polite, and friendly.

To put it simply, if you’re heading to Berlin, Pro qm is the place to visit! (especially if you’re working on your PhD like I am 😉 )

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