Year in review: a PhD candidate’s tale

It’s been a rather intense year in terms of my work, which is why I wanted to sum up here what I’ve done during 2012. My memory might be a bit hazy – guess I’m getting old… – but I’ll try to focus on interesting points. So if you were expecting heavy statistics on how many words I wrote during each month, look elsewhere :-p and also, I won’t be revealing anything about the ‘dark side’ of academia: if you want to know more, I strongly suggest you to check out open positions in our university.

So here it goes…

January: went to Tokyo to teach and stayed there for two weeks. Outcomes: had so much fun with the students, new contacts, and one overused credit card.

February: rather weird a week, to be honest. A brief visit to Oslo (PhD course), random meetings here and there. Looking at my calendar for February it seems as if things were moving in many directions. Meetings with different people, but no mentions about my PhD. Hmm…

March: more research than in February! Yet another work trip, this time to Copenhagen, but other than that it was a rather peaceful month. We still had snow in Helsinki, right?

April: spent the whole month in Copenhagen conducting research on a pilot project. Something concrete coming out early next year!

May: some random cocktail events and spring celebration. Plus I was in Tokyo again and during that trip I heard that FLUID got funding!

June: ah, June…the month of all months especially if you live in the Nordic countries! Which is why I went to Washington D.C. to present some of my papers in two conferences. Or in other words, got my ass kicked again big time.

July: conference season continued…this time in Helsinki and NYC. Rather hectic, but after NYC I was happy to be back home.

August: FLUID started – great success! Also went to Moscow for the first time in my life. Fantastic – met really nice and bright people, plus I got to travel by train from Moscow to Helsinki. Highly recommendable!

September: Really intense. Started to work on my PhD again – properly this time. Plus was heavily involved with thesis supervision, launching FLUID, etc. Shouldn’t come as a surprise by now that when a semester starts, all hell breaks loose 😀

October: birthday month! Went to Copenhagen again – can’t remember anymore why, but I sure had fun! And after Copenhagen it was time to go to Tokyo again. Work trip, but highly rewarding as such!

November: data collection for FLUID, writing my PhD like a maniac. Getting darker.

December: pre Christmas party season + data collection + article submission = a bad combo! But I made it: my liver’s still intact, we collect more data for FLUID than what I was expecting, and I submitted my first manuscript into an A journal. Not so much into ranking journals, but this was definitely a good, yet insanely busy, month.

So that’s how it was! Maybe a bit shallow list, but at least gives you an idea about what I did this year.

With this, I’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year! May 2013 be even better than 2012 🙂

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