Not another manifesto again!

I have to admit I haven’t been that active recently in terms of updating my blog. I’d like to say I have good reasons for that, but then I’d be lying as it usually doesn’t take too long to write something here. So here it goes…

Previously I’ve written about my pilot project for FLUID at Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I’m happy to say I’m almost ready to publish some of my findings! (I already presented a conference paper in NYC earlier this summer on the same topic, but what I’m about to publish now is geared more towards wider audiences, which is why I’m super excited about it!)

In April and May 2012 I set to study creativity at Carlsberg Byen, a space previously meant for brewing Carlsberg beers, but a few years ago they moved all of their production elsewhere in Denmark and ever since the space has been occupied with various companies operating within creative industries. Initially my report dealing with situated creativity was over twenty pages long – and it still is – but since a paper that lengthy doesn’t easily inspire people, I decided to compile a list of ten dogmas that could be easily distributed and read among wider audiences. I call this list Carlsberg Byen Manifesto, and while it’s not yet finished, I decided to share a sneak peek with you here. So please find below and excerpt from the manifesto:

Spatial Dogmas

  1. Tensions – be they positive or negative – between spaces stimulate creativity
  2. Let patterns in behavior and collaboration emerge in a given context
  3. Creativity is not bounded by time and space, and hence spaces should not be used to exclude, but to include

It’s still work in progress, but what do you think: does it make any sense to you as it is now or is it simply too detached from its context?

Until next time 🙂

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