Meet Tomo-chan!

Ok, so I’m writing this post on my iPhone – apologies for any typos etc.

I recently went to Tokyo on a work trip and I came back not only with nice memories and huge amounts of research data, but also with the weirdest iPhone cover! Things actually went so far that I ended up naming it with the help of my friends on a random Saturday night in Shibuya. So, meet Tomo-chan:


Looks weird, no? But here it gets even more weird: there’s actually a huge business opportunity here! Lady enjoying a bath simply isn’t enough these days. Where’s sensuality? Where are the emotions? Take a look at this then:


With candles you can really spice up the life of your iPhone cover! No more dull evenings – from now on, it’s all about improving the life of your iPhone cover. Champagne, yoga classes, life coaching – you name it, someone will provide you with the solution!

I can feel the birth of a new niche here…

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