Things worth mentioning from Tokyo #3 – Groom Traditional Optician

In case you’re one of those people who need to mechanically alter their vision, then you should definitely invest in new glasses while in Tokyo. At least when comparing to the Finnish system of buying eyewear, the shops in Tokyo a) are faster, b) come with better service, and c) are way cheaper (even with the strong yen at the moment). Well, actually I don’t know whether glasses and lenses actually are cheaper in Japan (I bought new lenses for roughly 24,000 yen) since some of those discount opticians have also arrived in Finland, but nonetheless, if you’re a fan of good and cosy service, and damn high quality, buy your lenses and eyewear from Japan.

There are numerous opticians in Tokyo alone, but here’s my take on where to take your money if you a) don’t speak a lot of or any Japanese, and b) expect good quality with a smile.

Located between Daikanyama and Ebisu stations, Groom Traditional Optician is an eyewear shop run by an older gentleman (have his meishi in the office, will update his name soon!) and three of his assistants. As far as I know, they’re all dudes working in the shop, but I haven’t asked whether the assistants are the shopkeeper’s sons. Either way, these guys are super fast and super friendly, and from their shop (the first floor is dedicated to new eyewear, while from the second floor you can find extremely beautiful vintage eyewear) you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for!

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