Things worth mentioning from Tokyo – #1

Just realized it’s been over one month since my last blog post. Sorry about that. Conference submissions, and my current work trip to Tokyo have kept me busy, but hopefully things will calm – for the time being – from the beginning of June. Despite being busy, I thought it might be fun to share some of the places I’ve discovered while in Tokyo.

Don’t misunderstand me here: I’m not trying to pretend to be this über knowledgeable gaijin who knows all the best kept secrets of Tokyo. I can barely even speak Japanese, but I just happen to like this country a lot, so hopefully some of these places inspire you to visit Tokyo and Japan, too! (by the way, this post series might stray ‘a bit’ from the original focus of this blog…if you find that disturbing, my apologies – nonetheless, I hope you still find these posts interesting! 🙂 )

Ok, so here’s the first place I think is definitely worth mentioning. If I understood correctly, B Jirushi is the result of collaboration between Beams (mainly cool clothes for boys and girls) and Yoshida (a famous Japanese bag company), and their stuff is just amazing. Extremely functional, beautiful, and good quality bags for everyone who values those qualities I just mentioned. The only downside is that the bags are somewhat pricey…well, some of them.

One of their shops is located in the Daikanyama district, close to Shibuya, and it is home to many companies that the Monocle magazine has been writing about. Tsutaya, for example, has their newest store there (really cool bookstore – should actually write about it, too), as well as bonjour records. And the list goes on. Many embassies are also located in Daikanyama, and in my humble opinion, the Finnish embassy should be there too.

But let’s get back to the actual topic.  The staff at B Jirushi stores also run a blog on stylish people in Daikanyama – basically stylish people visiting their shop. I quickly skimmed through the blog and at least I found the people there inspiring in terms of what they are wearing. But what’s best is that the staff in the store are super friendly and helpful, and they always try to help you as best as they can. Sometimes even more.

In short, definitely a place to visit if you’re in need of  a new bag of any kind, feel like looking at beautiful things, or fancy a delicious slice of cheese cake at a nearby café.

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