Back in the days: open innovation Carlsberg style

Today I heard this really cool anecdote that I have to share with you all. Haven’t validated it that much yet, but it seems legit and as such highly interesting. While I was conducting research earlier today on the Carlsberg area I heard that J.C. Jacobsen, the guy behind Carlsberg breweries, was one of the pioneers of open innovation. When his company created the yeast (sometime in the 19th century) that made Carlsberg beer one of the most popular ones in Denmark, J.C. Jacobsen wanted to spread the word by opening up the recipe for outsiders. So instead of keeping the knowledge all to himself, he gave extra yeast away and distributed the recipe for people who were interested in it. What an anecdote! Ok, maybe it sounded cooler when I heard it…but anyhow.

2 thoughts on “Back in the days: open innovation Carlsberg style

  1. Thanks for your comment! I hope to blog more about open innovation and Carlsberg in the future as I’m currently involved on a pilot project related to the former brewery area. Any specific topics you’d like me to cover?

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