The 10-hour challenge: almost two hours behind

I started my 10-hour challenge today with an idea I’ve been often thinking about. The problem was that I thought I never had time to do it as other more pressing matters always took space from my calendar. Unfortunately I can’t reveal too many details about the paper I’m writing on as I plan to submit it into a journal at some point (since, you know, double blind review process would be jeopardized if I start talking about my paper too openly). But anyhow, it is about communicating research. Not really my core area, but I’m really excited about this experiment of mine!

Almost two hours behind: how does it feel so far? I’ve written three pages of raw text. Just letting my fingers hit the keyboard as new ideas emerge from the depths of my mind. I know the text I have produced so far isn’t that good or well-argued, but one of the things to be learned in this process is to reflect on what prevents/enables me to write. I’m hoping this small project to make it easier for me to produce text and to work on it. Recently I’ve often felt that I’m afraid of writing and that in turn creates writer’s blocks, which in turn create anxiety and so forth…

Hence, today’s feelings could be summed up as follows: excited, exhausted, engaged, confused.

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