The great 10-hour academic article challenge

Few hours to weekend, and still I’m talking about work related things as if there’s no tomorrow. But nonetheless, I think this idea seems so cool I just have to give it a go.

As far as I’ve understood, we live in a world full of challenges. “Eat as many burgers as you can in one hour” challenge, “race around the world in 80 days”, and the list goes on.

Challenges usually – so it seems at least – are related to either developing personally or doing remarkable things at work. Whatever the reasons for initiating a ‘challenge’, at best they can help us see ourselves in a different light. Whether that’s good or bad, remains to be judged by you, dear reader.

So, to try something related to academia, I’m launching a 10-hour academic article challenge starting next Monday (19 March). The rules are simple: write a manuscript in ten hours and then submit it into a journal. So basically it doesn’t matter how and when you spend those hours, but you can’t devote more than ten hours to this.

What’s the outcome of this project? Have no idea.

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