Friday inspiration #14: on integrating the visual to research

Ok, I promise to get back on tracks next week. These last four months have been very hectic as I’ve been traveling and teaching across three continents. Right now I’m writing this post in Bucharest, Romania, where I’m attending the 37th EIBA conference. This is the final leg of my journey and next week I’ll be back in Helsinki for a while.

This time there won’t be any pictures, although the topic of this week’s inspiration is about the visual. Anyhow, during this and the previous year I’ve witnessed a steadily rising interest to the visual in disciplines that at first seem to be quite distant from anything related to the visual. Well, to me it’s not that far fetched, but in International Business, for example, people are starting to turn to visual communication and visual research methods to study matters related to IB. It’s quite fascinating really, and shows that people are starting to broaden their scope as to what counts as valid research data and methods. For me, as a student of visual communication, it is only good news! But we also have to be careful in not oversimplifying the visual. Without proper methodologies and methods we are facing a risk that we only use visuals in our research because its either sexy or novel. Not that there’s anything wrong about that 😉 but still, although people are becoming more and more interested about the visual, we also have to be careful and consistent in our use of visual in research.

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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