Friday inspiration #10: audio identity and “who came up with that?”

This has been a busy, yet inspiring week, indeed! And as a cherry on the top, this came out:

Apparently our school’s looking for a new audio identity! Did anyone say Super Mario Bros.? What do you think – what should be our university’s new audio identity/theme?

And, since this is my 10th Friday inspiration post, I’m treating you with another sweet piece of news.

We’ve had some changes in our university’s structure as departments have been moved from one school to another. The most recent one involved combining the School of Art and Design with the Department of Architecture, and the new school will be called Aalto University School of Arts and Creativity:

Well, apparently they got the name wrong, because the real name’s Aalto University School of Shenanigans and Wizardry.

Have a nice weekend, y’all! šŸ™‚

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