Getting ready to board the ship – Aalto on Waves

Roughly one week to go before I’ll be boarding ‘Vision of the Seas’, this gigantic cruise ship.

I’ll be sailing from Portugal to Brazil with roughly 100 other people from Aalto University. Why? Check this out:

Aalto on Waves

Last year they had Aalto on Tracks, and now Aalto on Waves. In short, it is a student-driven project that aims at creating societal impact through learning and collaboration. I’ll be teaching/supervising two courses there: one IDBM-powered workshop on business modeling and a course titled Strategy Work in Global Context. I’ll be tweeting/blogging during the journey – if the wi-fi on the boat functions – on teaching, the overall experience, and teaching-related experiments. In addition, I’ll be blogging from IDBM‘s blog and occasionally perhaps also on AonW‘s own blog, so be sure to check them out!

So, if you have any ideas on what I should do while on the boat, or any thoughts on what kind of methods to use during the workshop, please let me know!



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