Friday inspiration #6: infographics and movies

It’s been quite some time since my last post. My apologies for that. I caught this nasty cold some days ago and before that I was in Copenhagen with my buddies so it’s been hectic, to say the least!

However, I’m back with the weekly Friday inspiration!

Thought of blogging about some random YouTube video, but instead decided to focus on infographics since more and more people are getting excited about them. And for a good reason! But the problem is that far too often infographics (or visual representations of data/information) make matters more complicated. Daniel Adams has written a nice piece on infographics with some really cool examples, and I think everyone interested in infographics should read this article. It might not be the most extensive article written about infographics, but at least it’s a nice start.

Some of the infographics presented in the article aren’t that funny, compelling, or even informative, but this has something in it:

The infographic above has a couple of flaws though:

1. No explanation for the blue bars – do they depict revenue, personal taste, or Facebook likes?

2. Following on the previous point – the blue bars represent personal taste – I would say this really isn’t an infographic per se, but a visual representation of a single individual’s personal taste.

But what would really make this piece interesting is to build it based on IMDB ratings and financial data about the revenue of each movie. And even better, make the bars interactive so that you can see how both rating and revenue develop over time! That would provide the movie industry with some interesting data šŸ™‚

Have a nice weekend!

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