On academic collectives

I was talking with a friend of mine earlier today about how everything is nowadays either curated or design-related. Curating exhibitions, for examples, is necessary and illustrates a proper use of the word, but when you start curating blogs or seminars or whatever, then things start to get wrong. Same thing with the word ‘design’ – I think it was in Monocle where this guy argued how everyone’s job title today includes the word ‘design’. Once again, relevant when you work in the field, but a bit odd when your title is, for example, ‘Customer Experience Designer” (i.e. a sales clerk).

Anyway, here’s my take on adding an additional word to the list. Collective. Creating an artistic collective (be it dance, music, theatre, etc.) is cool and usually produces interesting results in various forms of art, but what if you could establish an academic collective? I’m just thinking out loud here, but I think what we currently know as ‘research groups’ are far too static and in fact they don’t enable diffusion of ideas and knowledge, but instead make it challenging to foster creativity. But just like you have groups in Facebook, why don’t we have loose groups in the academia called collectives? I’m working on one similar initiative that is related to Japan, so I’ll keep you posted on that. But in case you have information or experience about collectives, do let me know!

Back to finalizing my progress seminar presentation for tomorrow…expect visually heavy presentation!

Ps. A friend of mine recently launched her blog – check it out!

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