Communicating competence through PechaKucha presentations

My first article came out this week! Here’s the abstract:

Communicating Competence Through Pechakucha Presentations


The aim of this article is to contribute to laying a theoretical foundation for visually communicating competence through PechaKucha presentations. PechaKucha is a PowerPoint presentation format consisting of 20 slides that are shown for 20 seconds each. This article argues that the PechaKucha presentation format can be aligned with Nonaka’s SECI model (socialization, externalization, combination, internalization) to look at competences from a knowledge creation perspective. From a managerial perspective, the theoretical discussion in this article can be used in organizational settings to share knowledge through PechaKucha presentations between people with different backgrounds. On the other hand, from a research perspective, this article has at least two implications. First, by combining semiotics with knowledge management this article attempts to renew the call for a semiotic/linguistic perspective to knowledge management. Second, by combining visual communication with written and oral communication, the author calls for a more holistic approach to knowledge-related research in organizational settings.

Keywords: visual communication, knowledge management, culture, competence, multinational corporations

If you have access to Sage’s databases, you can download the article here.

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